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All NTW applications may be running on the same platform, using only a single database. The uniform platform provides a configuration optimised for speed and efficiency, which keeps time and effort low – for the initial installation as well as for future adaptions or extensions.

The Windows-based clients can be rolled out according to enterprise policy. The import of existing company data and directories is easily done via interfaces.

Additionally, NTW offers following service for the support of the configuration:

High Availability

All products of NTW may be set up redundantly in a high-availability solution. In this, a secondary server ensures maintenance of critical services and provides the desired high availability. More…

Rollout Tool

A considerable amount of time can be saved during the initial setup of the CUCM (CallManager) solution and the respective NTW applications by using the NTW Rollout tool: NTW Provisioning configures the CUCM (CallManager) & the NTW system in only a few minutes. More…


NTW provides a solution for easy and fast administration and configuration of the CUCM (CallManager). Using NTW Provisioning, new phones and respective profiles may be configured easily and fast. More…