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Stadtwerke Feldkirch (SWF)

Since its founding in 1906, Stadtwerke Feldkirch (SWF) has been of the most important companies for supplying water and electricity in the region. The SWF IT department provides the telecommunication infrastructure and classic communication functionality for the company as well as services for external businesses and several community facilities such as retirement homes.

While renewing Stadtwerke Feldkirch’s PBX solution in 2011, additional services were demanded alongside the internal communication infrastructure: This contains the classic house installation as well as extensive server functionality and typical hotel services.

Since then the following NTW solutions have been successfully in use at SWF:

  • Multi-tenancy call operation for 16 operators at currently seven sites – with partly overlapping resp. superior call routing
  • Check-in/check-out of guests/residents of the three retirement homes and the event venue. Easy and comprehensive invoicing of costs by SWF to the homes and individual single invoicing for residents.
  • Easy reporting and invoicing of all communication costs as outgoing calls, terminal rents, one-time installment and services costs, etc.
  • Efficient controlling and quality management: Utilisation and support of the telecommunication solution with statistics, LiveMonitor and transparent data logging
  • Execution in a virtual server infrastructure
  • Central database for all applications regarding call operating, controlling and statistics

“SWF chose the NTW solution because NTW alone has been able to meet all our requirements with the NTW Product Suite“, says Herbert Sartor, responsible for the telecommunication of SWF.

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