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  • Single sign-on
  • Click-to-call
  • Reverse lookup
  • Creation of leads, requests and contacts
  • Full-text search in Dynamics contacts and directory
  • Contact center functionality

MS Dynamics

Contact center and CTI client for MS Dynamics

With its contact center and CTI client for MS Dynamics, NTW offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the integration of telephony in daily business operations.

No client installation necessary

The client is carried out completely on the server-side and may be accessed with any modern browser without additional installation on the client phone. Using single sign-on technology, cumbersome entering of user credentials is omitted. Security is ensured by a complete third-party token authentication via MS Azure Active Directory.

Single sign-on and click-to-call

Beside a full-text search in the Dynamics contacts as well as in the internal and external directory and the respective call initiation, the client offers a reverse lookup of callers. Thereby, in addition to displaying the contact information in the NTW client, the respective Dynamics contact is being opened. Every call may be logged in the activities and notes may be attached. At the same time, different data records, such as leads, may be created using the pre-populated caller information. All that can be managed during a call as well as afterwards.

When a call is being forwarded to another agent, all data records and notes can be transferred with it.

The click-to-call technology provides the ability to directly initiate a call to a contact in a Dynamics browser window, which can then be controlled by the client.

Contact center functionality

In addition to the CTI functionality, the NTW MS Dynamics client provides a full contact center implementation. Beside its automatic call allocation, it contains an overview of all queues as well as the other agents’ statuses. Individual ready states and wrap-up codes may also be set.

Open architecture for individual adaptations

The open architecture of the NTW CTI client enables easy portrayal and optimisation of established business operations. We will gladly review your company’s individual requirements!

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