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Tested and Certified

Cisco Compatible


  • Group display on the phone with status information
  • Pick-up pop-up
  • Forwarding of calls if assistant is unavailable
  • Selection ringing tone/group tone
  • Display of group’s lost calls
  • Always reachable for VIP numbers
  • Multi-function button
  • Functionality available on Cisco phones, in browser or in Jabber

Management Group

Comfortable Management Group

The management group service provides functionality for a classic manager-assistant set-up – whether directly on a Cisco IP phone, in browser or in Jabber.

Everything in view

The management group is clearly displayed on the phone – similar to the group service. The manager’s as well as the assistant’s availability are discernible at a glance.

The clear display also allows fast access to functionalities like pick-up, call forwarding and listing the group’s lost calls.

Beside the optical signalling, special ringing tones for the management group may be configured.

Never miss a VIP call

The management group service contains the possibility to enter VIP numbers. These numbers are put straight through to the manager even if forwarding to the assistant is activated.

Entering VIP numbers is easy and may be done by the manager or the assistant. There is no limitation as to how many VIP numbers may be used. Number ranges are also possible (e.g. internal, external, number starting with “2“, etc.).

Configuration made easy

Configuring NTWphone management group is flexible and easy. Using the central configuration numbers are assigned, phone display and group ringing tone are set up, etc.


4 CPUs (Cores)
Gigabit-/Fast-Ethernet network interface card
120 GB hard disk for installation
Virtualization supported (VMware & HyperV)

Microsoft Windows 2019 or 2016
NTWcall Base

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.x (and higher)

Cisco IP Phone Series 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900, DX Series, Jabber and Cisco IP Communicator

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