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  • Headset controls switching tasks
  • Integration in NTWcall
  • Optimal for attendants or contact centre agents
  • Easy configuration
  • Individual settings


Plantronics headsets and the NTWcall client work fully integrated and enable the beginning of a new generation of attendant consoles.

Automation of operating tasks

NTWcall provides the integration of Plantronics headsets to control typical operating tasks. All typical headset events (on/off, smart sensor, docking, out-of-reach, button press) can be bound to switching tasks: Log-in/log-out, active/inactive, call answering, unavailable.

Switching task NTWcall
  • Log-in/log-out
  • Active/inactive
  • Call answering
  • Unavailable
Example of headset binding
  • On/off
  • Smart sensor
  • Button press
  • Docking

Easy & individual configuration

The configuration settings are saved per agent and thereby allow maximum flexibility – additionally to efficiency and comfort – of the solution.

More information about Plantronics headsets.

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