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Tested and Certified

Cisco Compatible

More Jabber with NTW

  • Integrated look-up
  • UDS meta directory
  • Predictive search in NTW Directory
  • Comprehensive call list with filter
  • Manifold Group Services
  • Manage call recordings
  • Set-up of own availability profiles
  • Individual speed dial and BLF
  • Define black- and whitelists
  • Activating Phone Lock/Lockout
  • Self-care portal with indiv. phone settings (forwarding, call waiting)


Use Direct Service

NTWphone provides companies with flexible and easily operated XML phone service for Cisco phones. The functionalities not only bring more service and comfort to the Cisco IP phone, but also to Jabber.

The configuration is done via a central administration site and directly on the CUCM (CallManager). All NTWphone services are client-capable – each enterprise decides for itself which customers or user groups may use which services.

Phone services overview


Using NTWphone Availability, the availability by phone is configured flexibly per user. In addition to the availability profiles, individual black- and whitelists determine which callers may (not) reach the user. More…

Busy Alerter

The Busy Alerter Service is to be used when an external caller tries to reach an internal extension that is busy. Instead of the classic busy tone the caller is presented with an IVR menu containing multiple options. More…

Call Back

The Call Back Service offers different functionalities if a called internal or external number is busy. Following options exist: call-back reminder with caller’s individual time specification, forwarding to the voice mail or internal call-back service. More…

Call List

Thanks to NTWphone Call List comprehensive call lists can be viewed and used on IP phones. Each (sub-) list may be displayed using filters. The call list is also accessible via a WebTab in Jabber, a browser or on the Cisco DX650. More…

Directory / USD

NTWphone Directory Service accesses all information that is provided by one or more directories or databases in the company. This contains the caller display as well as the directory search and the flexible search in Jabber thanks to the UDS directory. More…

Follow Me

The Follow Me Service provides the user with the possibility to forward their extension to any other internal phone, even when they are not near their home device. More…

Group Services

The NTWphone Group Service provides a group service interface on the phone: The respective member status is visible at all times. All group functionalities can be used from the phone and are also available within Cisco Jabber. More…

Hunt Group

The centrally administrated Hunt Groups can be directly shown on the IP phone. Each user may log on to or off from one Hunt Group or all at once. This can be done on the Cisco phone as well as in Jabber. More…

Management Group

The management group service provides functionality for a classic manager-assistant set-up – whether directly on a Cisco IP phone, in browser or in Jabber. The management group service also contains the possibility to enter VIP numbers. More…

Phone Lock / Lockout

The Phone Lock enables setting a general call lock or restriction. Using the Lockout Service, phones may be locked for internal and / or external calls. This functionality can be used on the Cisco phone as well as in Jabber. More…

Selfcare Portal

Thanks to NTWphone Selfcare Portal, the display language and the number masking may be easily set on the IP phone. Moreover, the additional forwarding and call waiting functionalities can be used on the Cisco phone as well as in Jabber. More…

Voice Recording

The recording module NTWvoice provides the possibility to easily save and play-back recordings of Cisco IP phones. This is possible for incoming and outgoing calls. Call recordings may be searched, downloaded and played-back in the clear call management as well as in Jabber. More…

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